Who We Are

We are…Christians and believe that God is the Holy Trinity, God in three persons yet united in one. God is the ingenious Creator, Source of all goodness. God is the Redeemer, most fully revealed in the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, who shows us the way of love and saves us. God is the Holy Spirit, who heals, calls, leads and transforms us.

We believe that humanity is created in the image of this same God. All people-of every nation, race, age, gender, and background, in every human category-are called children of God.

We believe that grace, God’s generous love for us, is present everywhere.
We are…United Methodists and what makes us distinct among Christians is that we understand salvation, being in full and right relationship with God, to be an ongoing process, a life-long journey of growing in love for God, neighbor, and self.

We affirm the Bible as the primary source for our faith, interpreted by the experience of our own lives, informed by the tradition of the Church, and tested and clarified by human reason.

We love to worship. We gather to praise God through prayer, song, hearing the Gospel proclaimed, rejoicing together and bearing one another’s burdens. Worship allows God the space to mark the changes in our lives.

We believe that religion is both personal and social. Authentic spirituality leads us to engage the world in loving service. Our faith in God calls us to good works of charity, mercy, peace and justice.