News from Staff/Parish Relations

Message from SPRC Chairperson

On February 16th, our Associate Pastor, Eric Reniva, officially received a new full-time appointment from Bishop Sally Dyck and the Northern Illinois Conference. Starting July 1st, Pastor Eric will begin a new appointment as lead Pastor for Beth Eden United Methodist Church in Rockford, IL.

Since August 2017, Pastor Eric has served a half-time appointment at Glenview with main responsibilities for directing youth ministry. In addition to his duties at Glenview, he’s concurrently served a half-time appointment as lead Pastor for Cosmopolitan United Methodist Church. With the announcement of Pastor Eric’s new position, we express our gratitude for his faithful service to our youth and congregation as well as congratulations on this new opportunity for him and his family. Pastor Eric wishes to express his gratitude as well for the opportunity to begin his pastoral career at Glenview.

With Pastor Eric’s new appointment, the first question many of you are probably thinking is, “Will Glenview receive a new Associate Pastor?” Although the news of our current Associate Pastor being re-appointed is very recent, the question around whether the Associate Pastor position should be sustained at Glenview has been considered by the SPRC and other church committees on multiple occasions over the past 6 years. Earlier this winter, the SPRC had several discussions regarding this matter with our District Superintendent, Brittany Isaac. And, after much reflection and strategic planning around Glenview’s future staff configuration, the SPRC, District Superintendent, and Conference have come to a mutual agreement that Glenview will not receive another Associate Pastor appointment.

So, what’s next? Over the next few weeks, the SPRC will formally begin a recruitment process to hire two new positions on our staff – A Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry and a Children’s Education Coordinator.

The Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry will be fully dedicated to developing relationships with youth and parents through leading our GUMY program as well as overseeing our children’s and family ministry. This role will be a direct hire, meaning it will not be subject to the United Methodist Church’s itineracy system. Instead, we’ve purposely configured this position to allow for longevity and consistency across all of our student ministries.

The Children’s Education Coordinator is a part-time position that will mainly lead our Sunday School program. This position will report directly into the Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry.

More details on both of these new roles will be shared in the coming month.

As we begin to embark on this search process and new staff configuration, we’ll be seeking feedback from families who have children and youth in our programs. Pastor Eun-Hye and the SPRC are planning to hold forums in March to listen to and discuss any recommendations you may have on our children, youth, and family programming. Once those forums are scheduled, we encourage all parents and youth to attend one. Additionally, a Children’s and Family Ministry survey was recently distributed to all Sunday School and Confirmation families via email. Please take the time to complete the survey and provide input on what your families value most about our children’s ministry today.